In a Network there was video of an insane race for the giraffe tourists on Safari jeep

The kick of a giraffe is very strong and can be dangerous to humans.

The Network has published a video in which African reserve giraffe rushes just behind the jeep with tourists.

The video appeared on Twitter.

The footage shows a giraffe along the road behind the car at a Safari jeep. The animal at breakneck speed trying to catch up with the tourists ahead of them. When the giraffe manages to overtake the jeep, the driver accelerates the car in reverse to keep the frightened passengers. Chase of a giraffe is very scared of people that were in the jeep.

It is worth noting that the kick of a giraffe is very strong and can be dangerous to humans.

Never mess up with a Giraffe.

Watch the video to know how powerful are their legs. With one kick they can take anyone to the ground. They run at a great speed with so much of grace. Video via FB.

— Sudha Ramen IFS (@SudhaRamenIFS) June 19, 2020

Recall that In Zhytomyr region took chase of the ostrich for the cyclist. Huge bird ran through the main street of the village of Andrushivka. Ahead of the two-wheeled riding, the man who probably did not even know that it catches up with the ostrich.

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