In the UK, 99-year-old grandfather was able to collect £ 18 million for physicians: they want to knight

First, captain Moore, going to collect a thousand pounds. In Britain 500 thousand people signed a petition calling to give a knighthood to a retired army captain Tom Moore, who has collected more than 18 million pounds for the National health service. About it reports Sky News. Moore recently had surgery and have partially replaced the hip joint. He recovers from it, and he needs to walk each day. In early April, the daughter of a veteran asked him to […]

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The Chinese had a cough for 14 years in a row due to stuck in a light bone

The girl didn’t notice her inhale. In Guangdong province, China, 22-year-old girl sought medical advice because of difficulty breathing. The doctors discovered in her lung stuck 14 years ago, the bone of a chicken. This writes Unilad. The Chinese have long lived with the cough, which in childhood became chronic. It was difficult for her to breathe, the girl often had a nagging cough, so she decided to find out why. She went to the doctors who diagnosed it as […]

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In the United States took video of the moving speech of the pilot in honor of the doctors-volunteers

The man thanked the doctors for bravery. The Network showed a video in which the pilot of United Airlines touching speech thanked the medics who fly into the eye of the coronavirus. This writes Fox News. The footage shows a pilot named Jim Crale, who is preparing to deliver a campaign volunteer doctors from Washington to new York. He stands in front of passengers and addresses them with a speech. The man asks to stand up to those doctors who […]

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