Klitschko claims that “Heroes of Dnepr” do not build the Mall

Klitschko claims that “Heroes of Dnepr” do not build the Mall

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According to the head of the city, work to strengthen the station.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that work on the “Heroes of Dnepr” – planned and aimed at ukreplenie metro station.

“I want to stress again… that was not speculation. “Heroes of Dnepr” today, work is continuing on the planned consolidation of metro and construction of the waterproofing. This needs to be done. And these works should be completed until weather conditions permit”, – quotes its words “Ukrainian truth”, he said at a meeting of the city Council.

According to him, the work “Metrostroy.”

“I understand that there is some inconvenience for residents, and some time is needed to efficiently make the needed repairs. I emphasize again: the construction of the shopping center will occur only with the consent of the public” – summed up the Klitschko.

Recently, at the exit of the metro station “Heroes of Dnepr” started the construction of the shopping center. The land inside the interchange was fenced and drove construction equipment. Not indifferent people of Kiev need to stop construction of the Mall, residents of the area believe that the construction would destroy the station and life threatening.

In turn, in the metro assured that the construction of the Mall is quite safe, but people are totally against it and demand to stop construction work. Activists block traffic and try to attract the attention of the Kiev authorities to this problem.

Klitschko promised that without the consent of the Kiev construction of the SEC will not.

New architect of Kiev commented on scandalous building on Heroes of Dnepr

21 Sep, 14:21

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Construction of the shopping Mall at the metro station Heroes of the Dnieper gave rise to a precedent. Now all developers must act under the new Memorandum on relations with the public.