The militants staged the ad in the village of Water under Mariupol

The militants staged the ad in the village of Water under Mariupol

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Terrorists shelled residential houses of all that is possible.

The militants of the terrorist organization “DNR” shelled Vodiane village near Mariupol. The shelling, several houses were burning, and a few were seriously damaged.

About it reported a press-the officer of sector of “Mariupol”, Alexander Kindsfater, reports 0629.

Terrorists fire self-propelled artillery installations of caliber of 152 mm. Shelling continues, the number of injured locals at the moment is unknown.

It is noted that the sounds of gunfire can be heard in Mariupol. Even with the Windows closed shots could be heard in Kalmiuska and left Bank areas and in the East is shaking the window.

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A worsening of the situation near Mariupol was reported by the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

“There is a problem on the Mariupol direction, “beating” of all that is. Most attacks these days on the sector of Mariupol and escalation are significant. But enough troops and we will give a fitting rebuff to the invaders”, – he told on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Earlier it was reported that during the day on 12 October as of 18: 00 recorded 24 cases of opening fire on the Ukrainian positions. On the Mariupol direction there were 13 attacks, 6 of them with heavy weapons. Under fire 120-mm mortars hit the positions of the ATO forces in the Water and Talakovka and in the area of Shirokino, besides mortars, the enemy used small arms.

Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the vicinity of Mariupol as a result of intense shelling

TSN. Wounds
October 11, 12:17

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Three others were injured, ten a concussion. It is the result of evening and of night attack near Mariupol. There the rebels were beaten at Shirokino, Water and Talakovka. Began attack from mortars is prohibited. Later in the course went artillery 122 and 152 caliber. Fire fighters were also from tanks and multiple rocket launchers “Grad”.