Ukrainians have created a bot that monitors e-declarations of officials

Ukrainians have created a bot that monitors e-declarations of officials


The study of the topic revealed an interesting fact – a large number of real estate owned by Ukrainian judges.

Ukrainian IT specialists has developed a program-the robot OpenDeclarationBot that monitors electronic declarations of officials.

The service works through the messenger Telegram. To “communicate” with him, adding as a interlocutor. Using the bot to know how a particular official is cars, houses, income and savings.

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“We have six months working on a project Opendatabot where the monitor data registration of companies and ensure that they, roughly speaking, do not steal. We protect the business and inform them as soon as something changes in the registration data of the company or there’s some data in the court register. Accordingly, we work a lot with public data. And when we saw the data that was placed in the framework of the project e-declarations, we realized that they are very difficult to work with, they are very difficult to perceive. This is a huge table, strange PDF files. So we all carefully collected, counted, averaged and made the ratings, for example, the tops of the flats,” – said the correspondent of TSN.Week the head of the project Aleksey Ivankin.

Indeed, in response to the message “/top”, the bot will prompt you to select one of the options: apartments, land and so on. After selecting it will show the first five officials who lead in this category.

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You can also search for summary information on the income of the official, only typing his name.

Ukrainians have created a bot with whom you can “talk” about incomes of officials

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The Creator of the bot OpenDeclarationBot Alex Bdfyrby showed how to monitor the electronic Declaration of officials.

Ivankin added that the draft only two days, but the team continues to work on it and since Monday they will add the ability to search officials on multiple search queries, that unite them, for example, the “Prosecutor” and “money”.

“Now if you look at the top officials that have the most apartments, there is somehow more judges. Here’s a strange feature”, – shared observations Ivankin.

By the way, the developers are not going to be limited to only one messenger and in a few days expect to start the bot in Facebook.

“Where are you, dove gray, took the money?” We also like the President, interested in the origin of incomes and property of officials. How will the validation process, researched Stanislaw Jasinski. Watching TSN.Tyzhden on Sunday at 19:30!