Eggs for 100 UAH and the salary “to dead souls”. In Parliament misuse of budget funds

Eggs for 100 UAH and the salary “to dead souls”. In Parliament misuse of budget funds


The contents of the Parliament as a whole allocate one billion hryvnia.

In the dining room of the Verkhovna Rada bought eggs on 100 hryvnia, and the official car of the Parliament are people’s representatives, who have their own vehicle.

This is stated in the story TSN.19:30.

A billion hryvnia from the state budget is spent on the maintenance of the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Is the salary of people’s deputies and staff. And transportation costs, food, medical treatment, purchase of equipment, and the like. How exactly is the distribution of resources to learn can’t even MPs.

“The monopoly on besprovrodnoy activity always causes a desire to abuse,” says the MP Valery Karpuntsov.

Information on the costs of administration of the Verkhovna Rada hides. Say, reform the device have just started. Annually, the MPs declare their intention to save the budget, but the estimate of the Verkhovna Rada is only growing.

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The Parliament has its own depot. Here provide movement of the leadership of the Parliament, chairmen of the factions, delegations and deputies. In the control room say, the order a bit, free fleet are less than half of MPs, but they are not the most needy.

“You order. The rich often”, – says the Manager of the depot are Happy Ilona Borzenko.

Black Toyota from fleet Parliament would have to use the Chairman of the Committee on combating corruption Yegor Sobolev, but he does not. Says that fundamentally goes to the metro.

“I am currently preparing an amendment to the law on the budget, just to tick out the maintenance of the fleet. I think that the Soviet Union must end,” – said the politician.

TSN ranked the MPs who most often ride with drivers of Parliament, although they have their own cars. Sergey Sazhko used this year state 887 liters of petrol, Oksana Korchynska – 596, Bohdan Matkiwsky hitting 887 liters of fuel, Yury Levchenko and Elena Masorin – more than 700 litres. The champion was Denis Silantyev. He spent nearly a ton of gasoline. Given that such MPs units, the Committee wonder why the carpool does not reduce costs.

Who steals people’s deputies

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Eggs 100 hryvnia, the meat is more than 600. The deputies found that they steal. This, supposedly, hunted the former management dining room. In addition, the budget allocated for the parliamentary depot actually go into the abyss.

“Where is all this savings? Because it was in the fuel. We didn’t see her. The head of the carpool is doing everything to remain the same funding, and at the same time does not want to reduce”, – said the Deputy Dmitry Lubinets.

However, on the conflict saying, not on what to save: all the machines involved, all gasoline is used.

In the procedural Committee and began to count the eggs. In the parliamentary canteen under the previous leadership, the cost of a dozen eggs was 100 hryvnia. For the meat ruled 600. In addition, the dining room was working so-called dead souls. The salaries were accrued, but physically they were not.

The newly minted head of the Verkhovna Rada was replaced by Director served. He said the institution will make profitable, but subsidies from the budget are also needed.

“Penny is allocated, but this is what is needed for existence. Pays off. But that’s not all. That utensil beating. Look – China. Still it spoils, goes bad”, – said Director of dining Oleg Germuska.

In the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada the issue of abuse of public funds do not want to comment. They said it could hurt the image of Parliament as an institution.

The TSN correspondent Olga Vasilevskaya.