The beginning of the era of trump. All about election results in the USA in the video and infografika

The beginning of the era of trump. All about election results in the USA in the video and infografika

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Who is trump, what did he say about Ukraine and kakovy his plans for the future – read our material.

Wednesday, November 9, it became known about a victory of Republican Donald trump on the election of the President of the United States. For his candidacy voted 48.1 percent of voters, giving Republican 289 votes. At the same time, his opponent – Democrat Hillary Clinton scored 47.2% of the votes and 218.

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TSN.ia during the day closely followed the announcement of the election results and the reaction of Americans on the new President of the United States. We’ve gathered together everything you might miss about the elections in the United States.

Immediately after the counting of votes Donald trump delivered his victory speech.

At the same time, supporters of Hillary Clinton was very angry because of her loss.

Who is Mr. President?

Trump was born June 14, 1946 in new York city and managed to play three weddings and become the father of five children. He four times changed his party, was a member of the Reform Party, Democrat and Republican twice.

An American politician tried his hand as a leading reality show. In June 2015, he officially announced his intention to become a candidate for US presidents from Republican party and 8 November 2016 won the election of the U.S. President.

Who voted for trump

Based on a survey of about 25 thousand voters about their education, income, age and skin color, typical American and a supporter of trump looks like: a white male over 45 years old without higher education. He is married and lives in a small town or village. Christian, goes to Church at least once a week. Advocates for the deportation of most illegal immigrants and the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and also dissatisfied with the work of Barack Obama. See more in the infographic:

Big plans

The politician intends to conduct a large-scale economic reform and to improve conditions for business. In particular, he plans to reduce income tax for companies from 35% to 15% and change to the progressive tax scale. In the sphere of foreign policy trump favour of a revision of cooperation with NATO.

He believes China is “a bigger problem than ISIS”, so it plans to impose a goods from the China duty and to push against the country’s claims of unfair trade. In addition, he wants to achieve from Iran of refusal of the nuclear program. The politician also stands for the reset in relations between the US and Russia. More on infographics:

Trump about Ukraine

It is noteworthy that during the election campaign the candidates are not too often addressed to the Ukrainian question, however, from time to time, he still sounded in their statements. What trump said about Ukraine – watch on video:

100 years of struggle

Note that trump became the 10th President of the United States from the Republicans in the last century, since the reign of Woodrow Wilson. Democrats chose the less – their representatives during this period in the presidential chair was 8 times. However, if the government remained longer compared to clever in the presidential race, Republicans – 52 Democrats to 48 years opponents.