E-tithing: officials urged to donate money for the military

E-tithing: officials urged to donate money for the military

Each of the wealthy officials, volunteers promise to write a letter of request.

Volunteers and veterans of the ATO held an event called “e-tithing”. Amazed by the declarations of officials, activists wrote letters to elected representatives, urging them to give up part of their fortunes for the Ukrainian army, says TSN.16.45.

To start decided to write ten letters to the richest people’s deputies. Here and brothers Dubnevichi with BPP, and Apollonovich Shufrich, and the main radical of the country Oleg Lyashko, mostly – the representatives of all parliamentary parties.

Volunteers noted that the deputies in their programs declared insane patriotism and love of country, so the time to move from promises to real cases.

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The first ten letters sent from the capital’s main post office and promised to appeal to every Deputy and official.

“We ask, if not tithing, then watch, there is a clock at 200 thousand dollars. We’ve listed them in the cameras. For example, the watch Deputy Homutynnik is like sixty imagers as 14 ambulances, seven apartments for the families of the victims in ATO”, – the volunteer speaks.