The trump in the movies: “home Alone”and “Zoolander”

The trump in the movies: “home Alone”and “Zoolander”

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Trump often appears on the screen.

Victory in US presidential election was won by Republican candidate Donald trump, who often appeared in films.

About it writes “New time”.

The famous American billionaire and the telemagnate can also boast of its frequent appearance in movies and on television, including the cult picture Chris Columbus “home Alone-2”.

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We will remind, the candidate of the Republican party, Donald trump won a victory on elections of the President of the United States. For his candidacy voted for 48.1% of the voters. Voters cast early for Republican 276 votes. Democrat Hillary Clinton scored 47.2 percent and 218 electoral votes. Trump won in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Idaho, North Dakota, Alaska, Montana.