Became known, who will head the transitional authority trump before the inauguration

Became known, who will head the transitional authority trump before the inauguration

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Trump believes his colleagues by qualified leaders.

The transitional administration of the White house in the period before the inauguration at the polls on 8 November , U.S. President Donald trump will be headed by the elected Vice-President Mike Pence. In this position he will replace Chris Christie, who formally was at it for several months, writes CNN.

Christie will now perform the duties of the Deputy Chairman, together with Senator Jeff Sesenta, retired General Mike Flynn, former mayor of new York Rudy Giuliani, former presidential candidate Ben Carson and former house of representatives speaker newt Gingrich. All the officials were in the inner circle trump during his election campaign.

Trump believes his colleagues by qualified leaders. “Together we will begin to carry out the urgent task of rebuilding this country – specific jobs, security and opportunities”, – said the winner of the presidential race.

Trump also announced that the Executive Committee, Advisory on the transition team, composed of 16 members, including his children, as well as some key advisors from his campaign. Among them was named Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party the reins Primus and campaign Manager Steve Bannon, who obviously will compete for the right to occupy a post of the head of administration of the new President of the United States.

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We will remind, the candidate of the Republican party, Donald trump won a victory on elections of the President of the United States. For his candidacy voted 47.5% of the voters. The electors gave early for Republican 290 votes. Democrat Hillary Clinton scored 47,7% of the 232 electoral votes. Clinton conceded defeat in the elections.

Europe requires trump to clearly tell the world whose side he’s on

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The Pentagon promises to adhere to its obligations to NATO allies, despite the preferences of the future President in foreign policy. In Europe, demand from the winner of the election as soon as possible to determine the priorities, and in Russia already see similarities between trump and Putin. In the United States as the country selection is not quite all, the protests did not cease this night.