The Prosecutor General’s office filed another charge against the mayor and the Secretary-Buchi

The Prosecutor General’s office filed another charge against the mayor and the Secretary-Buchi


Additionally charged with illegal disposal of a further 10 hectares of land

In Bucha city head Anatoly Fedoruk and Secretary of the local Council extended the charges – they further incriminated the illegal alienation of another 10 hectares of land and on 10 November reported already changed suspicion.

It is reported by the GPU.

Because of the complaints of the former Secretary Luchanskogo city Council court of appeal decision against him cancelled the chosen measure of restraint and remove him from office. Therefore, the Prosecutor General’s office brought in court the petition on dismissal of the Secretary Luchanskogo of the city Council from office and the application to him measures of restraint.

In respect of the mayor Buchi, then, if it will work with the investigation, prosecutors will satisfy the current measure of restraint – house arrest. However, if the head of the Bucha will put pressure on the witnesses, to start, the GPU will initiate the change of the preventive measure of detention.

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We will remind, about two weeks ago Fedoruk was elected a measure of restraint – house arrest wearing an electronic bracelet. As reported, in the case of theft of 890 hectares of forest units of the GPU, SBU and the interior Ministry raided the residence of the mayor of Irpin and Buchaand the 31 address. The attorney General Lutsenko noted that after the GPU after the revolution, a court has returned the land to the state, businessmen began to deribanit new.

The Pechersky court decided the motion to dismiss the mayor Buchi from office

TSN. Wounds
26 Oct, 08:27

Anatoly Fedoruk’s court was suspended from office for six weeks. The investigation of the mayor and Secretary of the city Council Vasily luchanskogo Oleksyuk has been more than a year. All this time the suspects are under house arrest.

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