Lyashko has called Tymoshenko “a Fox ragged” and accused the game in favor of the Kremlin

Lyashko has called Tymoshenko “a Fox ragged” and accused the game in favor of the Kremlin

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Lyashko wants to deprive Tymoshenko of citizenship.

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko wants to revoke the citizenship of the head of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko and calls her a “fucking Fox.”

He said this to journalists in Parliament.

“Very angry with Julia. This cuckoo who is dressed in Ukrainian national clothes, tried someone else’s hands to realize Putin, the Kremlin’s plan to seize power. My anger has no boundaries”, – said Lyashko.

“I took used a grandfather, a hero, a political prisoner of the Kremlin in their dirty politikah, so I believe and I appeal to the President Poroshenko to deprive Tymoshenko Ukrainian citizenship for anti-state activities,” he said.

Lyashko wants to send Tymoshenko to Russia, where “Putin she get Russian citizenship, because she deserved it”.

“With citizenship and the title of hero of Russia for Subversion that Moscow cuckoo conducting in Ukraine. You’re a hero, want the resignation of Peter? Come out to the podium and say… What in front of grandfather pop? Fox torn” – summed up the leader of the radicals.

According to Lyashko, Tymoshenko wants power at the cost of destruction and collapse of the country.

“You think, fool, on what it (the government) will receive, on the ruins of the country?” – he was indignant.

“I hear Saakashvili crying yesterday that he has taken Ukrainian citizenship: “revenge, Revenge”. Someone avenges him there. Who is this ADB*ku can revenge? What is the good? Saakashvili illegally were granted Ukrainian citizenship”, – said Lyashko.

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We will remind, Lyashko said that the MP from the Radical party of Yuriy Shukhevych was preparing an attack and threat to his life exists to this day.

The politician explained that Shukhevych deceit persuaded to pronounce the proposal to initiate impeachment Poroshenko. And after that planned to kill him, so that suspicion fell on the head of state. As a proof of the Lyashko showed the draft of the resolution of impeachment, which allegedly went to the podium Shukhevych. The authors of the plan leader of the “radicals” called around Viktor Medvedchuk and Tymoshenko.

In the “Fatherland” said that gave the floor to the representative of the “radicals” to Shukhevych, because his faction of the banned speech, and this is respected. Accompanied the MP to the podium because he has bad eyes and needs help. And that these “radicals,” Mr. Alexander Bilyk, with whom on the sidelines fighting the MP Mosiychuk was in VR at the written request of Tymoshenko – it was the request of Shukhevych, who considered this man a member of his team.

Political Thriller: Oleg Lyashko said about the attempt on the life of Yuriy Shukhevych

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15 Nov, 21:16

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This was from the rostrum, said Oleg Lyashko. He informed the President, because those who planned the killing of Shukhevych, allegedly intended to accuse him of Peter Poroshenko. Conspiracy Lyashko accused the entourage of Viktor Medvedchuk and Tymoshenko. In the “Fatherland” claim that their political power trying to discredit a fictional provocation.