“Self-help” has decided to boycott Parliament because of Novinsky

“Self-help” has decided to boycott Parliament because of Novinsky

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Members need to submit a question about the integrity of colleagues in a sessional hall.

The faction “Samopomich” in Parliament left the hall in protest against the delay of voting for the deprivation of immunity of the Deputy from “Opposition bloc” Vadim Novinsky. To work, the protesters promise to return, when this issue appears in the agenda of the Parliament, says the story TSN.19:30.

On Thursday, the deputies of “Samopomich” demonstratively left the hall. The reason for this was the behavior of the procedural Committee of the Parliament, who declined to make any decision about deprivation of Novinsky parliamentary immunity while the Prosecutor General’s office does not provide the explanation to all the questions of the Committee. However, the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko to give all the answers could not, having referred to secrecy of the investigation. The Committee postponed consideration of the question of immunity Novinsky indefinitely and thus effectively made it impossible for the arrest policy, because even if the Council gives such authorisation, the Prosecutor’s office without the decision of procedural Committee, the court may cancel it due to non-compliance with procedures. That’s exactly what happened earlier in the case of radical Mosiychuk.

“If there are doubts about the work of the Prosecutor General, here are signatures for the resignation of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko… But under the guise of shortcomings of work of the Prosecutor General to make their own sin, to do a mutual responsibility to cover the member of Parliament for the investigation is a disgrace to Parliament. “Self-help” will not participate in the vote of the Parliament before the time, until put to the vote of the criminal responsibility of Vadim Novinsky” – said the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev. “There are problems with the rating of the state office of public Prosecutor – let’s get another MP. Well, soon members of Parliament will end! 423 MP we have – a maximum for a year is enough, and then to explain to the population that still is not the people’s deputies, and the work of law enforcement. Parliamentary immunity is not a property of MP… If we are so emotional, no factual material to ignore any view that comes from the state office of public Prosecutor, let’s replace the Parliament, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine”, – said the Chairman of the Committee on rules Pavlo Pynzenyk.

We will remind, in comments to reporters Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that people’s deputies are looking for reasons to not make decisions about removal of inviolability from the Deputy Vadim Novinsky. “The deputies are afraid to say Yes and afraid to say “no”, and doing so to perepihnutsya this problem on me, pushing me – or break of the CPC (criminal procedure code), or you will not receive a response,” he said. Novinsky is on the case of illegal detention of the assistant to the now deceased Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Vladimir Alexander drabinko. According to investigators, Novinsky was a co-organizer of abductions for the change of leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in 2013-m to year.