Chinese investors will build a solar power station in the Chernobyl zone

Chinese investors will build a solar power station in the Chernobyl zone


Construction will begin next year.

Two Chinese companies plan to build solar power plant in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP. Work will begin in 2017.

This will be a joint project of company System Integration Technology GCL (GCL-SI) that is included in GCL Group and China National Complete Engineering Corp (CCEC). About it writes Reuters.

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“There will be great social and economic conditions, when we restore once contaminated land, and build a power plant running through green renewable energy sources”, – said the head of GCL-SI Shu Hua.

Powerful solar station will produce 1 Gigawatt of electricity. A sixth of the capacity of Zaporizhzhya NPP, which is the largest in Ukraine and Europe and the fifth largest in the world nuclear power station.

The cost of building a solar power station Chinese companies have not yet called.

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Note that China is the largest solar energy generator in the world. Last year, his capacities for development of solar electricity was 43 Gigawatts. In addition, China is the top producer of solar energy in the world – 72% in 2015.

Earlier it was reported that in the construction of solar power plants in the Chernobyl zone ten interested companies.