The list of cultural heritage UNESCO has added the Uzbek and Tajik pilaf

The list of cultural heritage UNESCO has added the Uzbek and Tajik pilaf


Now the list includes 366 items.

Uzbek plov and Tajik dish “oshi-Palav” entered the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

This decision was made Committee for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage at a meeting in Ethiopia, the press service of the organization.

The decision of the UNESCO stated that the tradition of cooking Uzbek pilaf runs in families, passed on from master to student. This tradition contributes to the strengthening of social ties and solidarity and is part of the cultural identity of the community.

Plov is a traditional dish of rice, meat, spices and vegetables in Uzbekistan and it is eaten in daily meals, and holidays, and on special occasions to remembrance of the dead and to help the disadvantaged.

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Uzbek tradition of cooking pilaf is included in the List of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO

— UN (@UnitedNationsRU) 4 grudnia 2016 R.

“Oshi-Palav” – Tajik plov in Tajikistan called the “king of dishes”, there are up to 200 variations of cooking this dish. Cooking and eating bring people together from different communities and walks of life.

Oshi-Palav (pilaf) is a traditional dish in Tajikistan. In 2016 he was in the List of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO

— UN (@UnitedNationsRU) 4 grudnia 2016 R.

In addition to pilaf, in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage included: Romanian and Moldovan craft of making carpets, Turkish art “Cheney” painted porcelain and ceramic tiles, the feast of winemaking in Swiss Vevey, the representation of the Passions of Christ in škofja Loka (Slovenia), the puppet theatre in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the customs associated with Vietnamese beliefs in the goddess-mother of the three worlds, the carnival in El Callao (Venezuela), folk songs in Bhojpuri language in Mauritius and the international festival of culture and fishing in Argungu (Nigeria).

At the moment the Representative list of the intangible cultural heritage UNESCO has 366 elements.

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Earlier, the UNESCO has included Ukrainian Cossack songs in the list of intangible cultural heritagethat needs urgent protection. Custody want to take three of the team: “Krynica”, “Boguslavsky” and “primrose” from Dnipropetrovsk. From mouth to mouth they share their unique songs about the Cossack campaigns and routine, but due to old age of the perpetrators and the lack of mentors may interrupt, warn in UNESCO.

UNESCO will guard the original Ukrainian songs with the manner of execution of grandmothers from Dnipropetrovsk

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No glory and honor after the announcement of their Cossack songs UNESCO world heritage site and not expecting grandmother. They just sang in their homes and clubs, and videos and movies with their records fell into UNESCO. What songs from Dnipropetrovsk unique, the Organization decided unanimously. Now the international organization will continue to follow closely, whether to keep Ukraine creativity for posterity.