The Pentagon urged Ukraine to continue to demonstrate progress in defense reforms sphere

The Pentagon urged Ukraine to continue to demonstrate progress in defense reforms sphere


2014 on the American side for Ukraine was allocated more than $ 600 million.

Ukraine should and will continue to demonstrate progress in defence reforms to succeed in strengthening the defense of the state, as well as the successful continuation of support from the United States in security matters.

This said Deputy defense Secretary Bob work, during a meeting with Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, writes UKRINFORM.

“Ukraine needs to maintain the momentum of the defense reforms that would help her better provide for its own security and make the defense industry more efficient and effective”, – quotes the US defense Department statements Bob Wark.

Parties during the meeting discussed the efforts of the United States regarding the provision of assistance to Ukraine in the security sphere, “aimed at increasing defense capabilities of the state.” In particular, the Pentagon stressed that in 2014, the American side has allocated more than $ 600 million Is included, including provision of equipment, training programs, Advisory support for the revitalization of key defense reforms.

The work noted that the Pentagon’s budget for the 2017 fiscal year, which is now pending before the Senate, contains a promising signal for further cooperation in the sphere of security and defence, “if Ukraine will demonstrate progress in the implementation of institutional reforms in the defense.”

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We will remind that earlier it was mentioned that the U.S. Congress plans to allocate $ 350 million to secure assistance to Ukraine, including lethal weapons. Both chambers of Congress agreed on a draft budget of the USA in 2017 on defense. The law must be voted by the Senate and House of representatives in the coming days.