The OSCE said about the dismantling of militants ‘ checkpoint near Petrovskogo

The OSCE said about the dismantling of militants ‘ checkpoint near Petrovskogo


This area was breeding in the troops.

The militants have removed your post in the Petrovsky district, where took place the withdrawal of troops.

This is stated in the report of the OSCE mission for December 11, the Ukrainska Pravda reported.

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“On December 11, observers noticed the absence of the DPR checkpoint at the Northern entrance to the Peter. According to an armed member of the “DNR” in the Petrovsky, the roadblock was dismantled,” – stated in the document.

However, the mission has not confirmed the information that on the other site, near the village of Lugansk defined Minsk agreements for the withdrawal of troops, the attacks do not stop.

7 Dec camera in the Village of Lugansk SMM has recorded eight outbreaks (in the off-site cultivation).

10 Dec patrol mission saw a fresh funnel in 2 m from the front lines of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU), located on the North side of the bridge. The CMM team has performed a crater analysis and determined that it was formed from a grenade fired from Podgornogo grenade launcher (GP-25) from the South-West direction (from fighters).

About 50 m South from zero in the North “LC” on the bridge, observers saw a fresh crater, which was caused by a grenade fired from a grenade launcher podpolnogo from the North-West.

Plot in the Golden, where the troops were divorced, 8 December, the SMM observed three explosions of uncertain origin at an unknown distance to the South-Southeast. The mission was unable to establish whether it was the bombings in the border area breeding capabilities.

OSCE for the third time failed to reach consensus on the vision of the events in Ukraine

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9 Dec, 08:31

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Russia did not take any wording about the events in the Crimea and in the Donbas. This means that the organization of the OSCE 57 member countries for three years can not build a shared vision for Ukraine. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine clarifies that the consent of all heard all but one of the member country Russia.

Previously Deputy head of Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug said that the dilution of forces and means in the area of Debaltsevo will take place only with the consent of both parties.