The European Union has provided the right to cancel bezviz in the absence of reforms in Ukraine – media

The European Union has provided the right to cancel bezviz in the absence of reforms in Ukraine – media

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The Ukrainian government has been suspended on a kind of hook to keep the chosen course for change in the country.

The European Union has reserved the right to suspend the visa-free regime for Ukrainians if Ukraine would go the way of reforms. The relevant document refer to the authors of the European truth with the title “free fuse, EU: Brussels will increase the cost of reversal of reforms in Ukraine”.

The article States that many local politicians are seeking the abolition of a number of innovations after earn a visa-free regime with the EU, therefore, to prevent this was provided for such a rule. Ukraine will be obliged within seven years from the date of visa liberalization report regularly to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU – at least once a year, but often, depending on each requirement of the governing bodies of the European Union.

The issue of granting Ukraine visa-free regime postponed again

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13 Dec, 00:40

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Whether to grant it to Ukraine in the European Parliament will decide on 1 February, instead of the promised 18 Jan. If the result of the February debate will be successful, Ukrainians need to wait even a resolution of the Council of the EU, and after that the decision will come into force. Last week in Brussels finally decided on the mechanism of suspension bezveza, officially the procedure is approved this week.

“If one day VR will distort the electronic Declaration, or cancel the provision on prohibition of discrimination, etc, the EU will be forced to start the procedure of suspension bezveze”, – explained in the article. The article also predicted that the attention of Europeans will be confined to the sphere of counteraction of corruption.

As previously reported, the European Parliament adopted a mechanism to suspend visa-free regimethat approved between the EU institutions and coordinated by the permanent representatives. This mechanism was called the last stumbling block before the abolition of visas for Ukrainians, but quickly after that, Beavis still do not provide. Next week in the European Parliament – plenary. But to consider the mechanism can not catch. Then you have to wait until mid-January. Further, this mechanism must be approved by the Council of the European Union.