Yanukovych is in a Moscow court gave evidence about the “coup” in Ukraine

Yanukovych is in a Moscow court gave evidence about the “coup” in Ukraine

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President-the fugitive spoke at a meeting of the Dorogomilovsky district court of Moscow.

Stripped of the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych called the events of 2014 coup, supporting the claim of his former colleague Vladimir Oleynik.

He said this during a speech at the meeting of the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow, where as the interested party on the claim.

“I’ll testify about the coup which occurred in Ukraine and resulted in heavy consequences”, – said Yanukovych.

According to him, as a result of illegal actions of Parliament were enacted inconsistent with the Constitution of Ukraine laws and, in particular, on his dismissal from duties.

“All the subsequent actions that took place in Parliament, in the appointment of the new government was unconstitutional. They went beyond the laws of Ukraine, they have led to serious consequences. Being baseless, the government launched a fight against their own people, injuring and killing not only the people of Ukraine, but also in other countries,” added the former President and noted that he hoped to provide the correct legal assessment of these events by the Constitutional court of Ukraine, when the time comes.

Separately, Yanukovych commented on the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“A thriving region – the Donbas in ruins now, there is war and bloodshed. The war, which was waged by representatives of the current government, is a gross violation of the Constitution, and for this it is necessary to bear responsibility”, – summed up the fugitive.

Recall, today, December 15, in the Dorogomilovsky district court of Moscow continued the trial in the recognition of events in Ukraine 2014 coup. The relevant lawsuit was filed, former Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Party of regions Volodymyr Oliynyk. The decision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on refusal to initiate the corresponding criminal case he called “evidence of the usurpation of power.”