After the news of nationalization of “PrivatBank” banking system of Ukraine is working without a glitch.

After the news of nationalization of “PrivatBank” banking system of Ukraine is working without a glitch.

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In the departments of “PrivatBank” now count the cash.

Today, December 19, in Ukraine there are all the branches of”PrivatBank”, the decision on nationalization which yesterday was taken by the Cabinet.

This was during a press conference at the Central office of the financial institution in the river assured the Deputy head of the national Bank Yakov Smoliy.

“All the employees “PrivatBank” today went to work. Representatives of the National Bank and representatives of the crisis team are now operating in all regional offices of the Bank where the recalculation of the cash that we withdrew the balance, checked balances and the Bank gave the new owner – the Ministry of Finance. We celebrate today a client of overactivity, that would be different from work on ordinary days. All Bank branches are operating normally,” – said resin.

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Stability in the market also claim the top managers of other banks.

“I had conversations with the chairmen of the boards of commercial banks, which are also celebrating today the stability of the banking system and no excesses, no unforeseen situations in the banking system at this hour is not registered,” – said resin.

He assured that “the national Bank will make every effort to support Bank liquidity, Bank transfers and cash – in order to ensure the smooth operation of branches, ATMs of the Bank and the entire banking system.”

At the same time, the head of PrivatBank Alexander Dubilet noted that Ukrainians massively withdraw cash through ATMs. This individual ATMs have to refill several times a day. Money from “PrivatBank” and lacking funds from the NBU is no not take.

“We have records. Daily withdrawal (of cash through ATMs) – 2 billion hryvnia. This was not even in time of war (of exacerbations in the Donbass). Then 1.7-1.8 billion. Of course, information attack, which went to the Bank, in the last two weeks is largely determined by our behavior and our decision on nationalization,” said Dubilet.

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