State “PrivatBank” freeze the money in the accounts of legal entities

State “PrivatBank” freeze the money in the accounts of legal entities


The Cabinet nationalized financial institution on December 18.

Nationalized “PrivatBank” has temporarily frozen the funds of legal entities, which are credited to the account until December 19. The funds that were received after December 19, can be used.

This is stated in the message of “PrivatBank” in the online system “Privat24 for business”:

“This is to inform You that all transactions including those that were previously suspended on accounts and cards, corporate clients, starting from 09:00 20.12.2016 g. are maintained in the following way:

– carrying out debit operations with accounts and cards are allowed in amounts exceeding the balance in these accounts as of the morning 19.12.2016.

all credit limits on the accounts, overdrafts, limits of guaranteed payments and business installment cleared or reduced to the level of debt (if any);

all profitable transactions (flow of funds) are served without restrictions.

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For example, the account balance as of the morning 19.12.2016, amounted to 100,000 UAH. This amount becomes the “minimum balance”. For example, from this point the account incoming payments (from contractors, compensation for acquiring, revenue, etc.) for a total amount of 50,000 UAH. and the rest is now 150.000 UAH. Accordingly, only those 50.000 UAH. you can use it for payments or spend using the card”, – stated in the message.

In the state “PrivatBank” noted that “this mode of services to corporate clients is temporary. All decisions regarding further changes will be accepted by Mr A. Shlapak V. as soon as he will start fulfillment of duties of the Chairman of the Board”.

According to TSN, Shlapak may take a new position tomorrow, December 21.


We will remind, today, on the 20th of December, at nine o’clock in the morning now in state “PrivatBank” has promised to resume operations for legal entities.

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