Rails left. Omeljan and Balcon arguing regarding the increase in the price of the train tickets

Rails left. Omeljan and Balcon arguing regarding the increase in the price of the train tickets

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The Minister does not see the effectiveness in the new team of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, because they did not receive the report.

Mininfrastruktury and “uz” are unable to agree on increase in prices for passengers on the train tickets. The head of the carrier enterprise Wojciech Balczun emphasizes the need for such action. But his boss, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian not yet in a hurry with the support and generally says that until he saw the performance of the new top management of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

“There are a lot of different thoughts. My opinion and it is shared by the Advisor to the Prime Minister Mr Miklos (Ivan mikloš), who also said that at this stage the increase in rail tariffs is a rather speculative thing. In the Ministry we will consider the issues of the financial plan “Ukrzaliznytsi” for 2017, where it will, accordingly, rise to the question of rates, because raising rates generates significant revenues for “Ukrzaliznytsya”, – said the Omelyan, quoted by “Ukrainian truth”.

The Minister requires a new top management report of the conducted reforms.

“I remain unconvinced that “Ukrzaliznytsya” have to show for seven months work of a new team, what was the performance, where we increase the profitability, reduce operating costs, including through corruption. Until this response I never got,” said Omeljan.

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On plans to increase the cost of train tickets Balcon said in an interview with “UKRINFORM.”

“We have no other choice because they do not live in a vacuum. The last price review occurred in 2014,” said Balcon.

He explained: analysis for the last three years showed that the actual inflation is much higher than predicted. So Ukrzaliznytsia forced to raise prices, especially given the fact that a significant amount of passenger traffic involves the preferential transport of various social groups.

“Therefore, we have a big problem with refund or compensation from the state for these funds”, – said Balczun.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” has sent a proposal to raise ticket prices for consideration to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Earlier “Ukrzaliznytsya” has laid the plan of its medium size projects increase in 2017, tariffs for cargo transportation by 25% for passenger transport by 35%.

Recall that Balcon predicted that “Ukrzaliznytsya” plans to complete 2016 year with millions of profits.