The fourth day at the arc Svetlodarsk: war paved “road of life” to new levels

The fourth day at the arc Svetlodarsk: war paved “road of life” to new levels


War on a separate front, the ATO continues.

Fighting in Svetlodarsk the arc does not end with the resurrection. In occupied Logvinova accumulated living force of the enemy, says the story TSN.19:30.

Keep military occupied the enemy’s fortifications. They brought food, coffee and tea, ammunition and other Essentials. The road sweep, so use only armored vehicles. Soldier Michael has the day to do 5-7 “flight” from the rear on new frontiers advanced. For their ardent fearless dedication, he has received a new Callsign. “That’s why I gave the call sign of the Maniac. Quickly popped in, popped out. Hot food, ammunition brought. A well-fed soldiers win,” says a military driver.

The unit commander is not very happy, because he lost three of his soldiers for several days fighting for territory, which for the Minsk agreements were to remain government-controlled. Is increasing daily the number of wounded – in the last day, and only in the eyes of journalists with advanced evacuated crippled three enemy fighters. Most suffer from fragmentation shells, the enemy mercilessly watering Ukrainian land artillery.

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Military APU saying that losses on the arc Svetlodarsk could be smaller, if the command was a clear plan and organization is not limping. Now hold the position on a strategic height for the soldiers and beat them to fighters – a matter of principle, because too much blood has been spilled for this piece of land. “Are too, until recently. They stood there for two years, so well dug – we don’t want to give” – said the Ukrainian fighters.

On Svetlodarsk arc on Wednesday came the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov. He said that militants released under Oboronna of Ukraine about 800 shells a day, but the courage and professionalism of the army allows them to resist attacks of the enemy.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska