“Budget!”: Kuzhel live poured water radical Mosiychuk

“Budget!”: Kuzhel live poured water radical Mosiychuk


Deputies emotionally discussed the adopted budget.

MP from the “Batkivschyna” Alexandra Kuzhel poured water MP from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk.

It happened during a broadcast of Shuster.Live, when members discussed the adopted state Budget for 2017.

When Kuzhel criticized the budget, he several times interrupted her, asking what would happen to the army if I did not accept the main financial document of the country.

Then the host of the talk show was to name the basic indicators of the budget, and the deputies continued to argue. During the dispute in the region broke down and poured a glass of water at his opponent. And got the Deputy from “BPP” Alexei Goncharenko, who was sitting next to Mosiychuk – water wet his smartphone.

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We will remind, in November 2015, the press service of the “Batkivschyna” reported that the Deputy head of the faction “popular front” in the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Teteruk was hit in the head with a glass bottle of MP from the “Batkivschyna” Alexandra Kuzhel. Another people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko said that before getting hit on the head, Kuzhel tried to hit a bag of Grouse.