A marine on the militants near Mariupol: infantry incompetent, always gives back

A marine on the militants near Mariupol: infantry incompetent, always gives back

Military dream to end the war with the liberation of the Crimea.

The fog didn’t prevent the militants to celebrate the last day before the ceasefire artillery and mortar shelling of the Ukrainian positions near Mariupol. After a surprisingly good night in the morning the invaders decided to attack large caliber, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Marines who hold the Fort in the sea of Azov, not pinning too high hopes on the declared a truce in Minsk, because of such modes of silence had seen already a lot. “Never I have not seen that the truce was respected. An hour or two, and then again start nasipuri,” says marine Victor.

On the eve of the truce fighters covered mortar and artillery fire on our positions near Mariupol

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 20:58

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Was vzdragivayu land Sahanki, Shirokino and Water. Near the last of our soldiers are still repelled the attack of enemy infantry. Have one lehtoranta. Marines who protect the borders of the Azov sea, not too believe in the future of the truce. Proof are the thousands of fired rounds.

Hopes actually lay not on politicians, and their own forces in this war. “As infantry – they are incompetent. They are afraid of direct contacts. If kicking on them forehead to forehead, they always give back” – says Yaroslav marine. And stop the invaders not mythical arrangement, and a quality volley. “The fighting spirit rises, that is able to perform the task, which left himself in a trench with his machine gun,” – says the fighter Victor.

Military continues to prepare for a protracted battle and dig a new shelter. The end of the war want, but not at any price. “I have a desire to end the war in Sevastopol. While I will not come back, it will not end for me,” admitted marine with the call sign “Torch”.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor