A meeting of the UN security Council and the money to Ukraine from USA. Five things you might oversleep

A meeting of the UN security Council and the money to Ukraine from USA. Five things you might oversleep

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TSN.ua offers five main events of the night.

Five things you could have slept:

1.Officer APU Kombat “Dome”, a video which announced the press center of the ATO headquarters said that the fighting in the arc Svetlodarsk, there are no captive Ukrainian fighters, as well as their prisoners. “Starting from Dec 18 to today, for all time of carrying out this operation, 9 “dvojcata” (killed), 35 “Trakata” (wounded), 17 shell-shocked, injured 11, a total of 72 people,” said the Dome. Read more→

2. The militants of the terrorist groups in the Donbas are preparing a series of provocations to disrupt the silence, which should occur at midnight on December 24. About it reports press center ATO with reference to intelligence. According to the Ukrainian military, the militants were planning attacks from Minsk agreements prohibited weapons to call the fire itself and to blame the APU in violation of the truce. The terrorists are going to fire not only the settlements located on the territory controlled by Ukraine, but also occupied. Read more→

3. President Barack Obama on Friday signed the law on defense policy for 2017, which provides for the allocation for the defence of the country in 618 billion. The law specifically provides for the allocation of $ 350 million in military assistance to Ukraine. The document extends the list of types of aid by including in it the provision of funds and technical support for the development of an integrated system of monitoring of the state border of Ukraine, as well as assistance in the preparation of staff officers and military high command of the APU. Read more→

4. The UN Security Council adopted a resolution that recognizes Israel’s illegal settlements in the Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. Such a resolution was adopted for the first time thanks to the U.S. delegation, which did not veto, as before, and merely abstained. In the final document urge Israel to cease the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Such settlements are called “a flagrant violation of international law” and tikih that have no legal force. The security Council demanded that Israel immediately cease settlement activity. Read more→

5. In Kiev, there was a large road accident with victims on Lobanovsky: the driver, overtaking flow up on the opposite lane, rammed the “Tavria”, which is rejected on a passing Daewoo. Seriously injured father and son in “Tavria”, they admitted to the hospital. On-site work by the police, I left quickly-an investigation team. Read more→