It became known that the apartments in Kiev come with checks of the volume of water consumption

It became known that the apartments in Kiev come with checks of the volume of water consumption


The authority will review the apartments Kiev that do not have counters.

The Kiev government is going to check the apartment, where was 1-2 people and where is fixed a large consumption of water without the presence of the counter.

This was reported by press Secretary of the Deputy Chairman of KSCA Peter Panteleev Yulia Competent, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“In Kiev there are apartments that do not have water meters and which was officially one or two people at the same time, house meter shows much greater consumption. Such people we will check,” said a Competent.

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So, start planning raids in the spring of 2017.

“If you lived in the apartment 5 people and they have attorney water meter, and it shows that they consume 1 cu, they will have no complaints. We want to identify those leases or rents an apartment, this is not the competence of local authorities, as only those who consume the service, but does not pay for it in full,” — said the spokesman.

If Kiev will refuse to admit persons authorized to inspect them will come with the decision of the court.

“Then we’ll do it through the courts. If there are people that do not pay for services, then will come the inspectors with the court’s decision. Once again, that will check not that people are living legally or illegally, and then they pay for the consumed services or not,” added Competent.

However, theoretically, such a test can identify people who rent housing do not pay taxes.

As you know, charges for utilities depends on how many people registered in the apartment.

We will remind, since November, consumers poverennyj or the counters began to translate into common calculations, for example, from 3 to 7 cubes of cold water for one person per month, according to the rules of the KSCA from 2015.

The government explained the system of charges for heat in homes without meters

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1 Dec, 08:26

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The government will force businesses Teplokommunenergo invoice for the consumed heat on average. That is, if no heat meter, to use the average calculations for those homes where the metering is. The only requirement is that the city should be equipped with counters more than 50% of homes. Among the regional centers Ternopil, is not subject to a new calculation formula.