The Ukrainian foreign Ministry explained its position on the controversial “Israeli” UN resolution

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry explained its position on the controversial “Israeli” UN resolution

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Ukrainian diplomats called the resolution balanced.

Israeli settlement activity is contrary to international law, reads the commentary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the adoption of the controversial UN resolution 2334.

“Ukraine, as well as other permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General has repeatedly condemned Israeli settlement activity as it is contrary to international law. We also condemn the violence and incitement from the Palestinian side,” – said the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

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The foreign Ministry stressed that Ukraine has consistently advocated respect for international law, as for example experienced the tragic consequences of its violation.

“That is so decisive in the formulation of Ukraine’s position has become our consistent policy of securing compliance with international law by all his subjects,” – said in comments.

Ministry of foreign Affairs said that Ukraine for many years is consistent and balanced position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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“We stand for peaceful coexistence of two independent States – Israel and Palestine. The resolution of the conflict must be settled only by peaceful means. At the same time we stress the need for direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations”, – noted in the Department.

Ukrainian diplomats called the resolution of the UN balanced because it calls for the implementation of steps to resolve the conflict from both the Israeli and the Palestinian side: Israel must halt settlement activity and the Palestinian authority to take effective action against terrorism.

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“We are convinced that only foreign policy, which is based on the need to protect national interests, and on respect for international law and universal values and principles – is convincing and understandable for everyone. Sure that active and emotional political debate in Israel will not prevent the traditionally friendly Ukrainian-Israeli relationship based on mutual respect and common interests”, – said in the foreign Ministry.

Ukraine – Israel: diplomatic scandals have brought two States to a standstill

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In Uman, unidentified persons desecrated a sacred place of the Hasidim: the walls and floor of the synagogue filled with red paint, and brought a pig’s head with engraved swastika. The police investigate the incident. At the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN spoke against Israel’s right to build settlements in the Palestinian territories. Now Ukraine is not only an insult to Israelis, but also the Donald trump.

We will remind, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that recognizes Israel’s illegal settlements in the Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. Such a resolution was adopted for the first time thanks to the U.S. delegation, which did not veto, as before, and merely abstained.

In the final document urge Israel to cease the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Such settlements are called “a flagrant violation of international law” and such, that have no legal force. The security Council demanded that Israel immediately cease settlement activity.

Israel, in turn, refused to recognize the resolution and accused the Obama administration into agreements with the UN behind of tel Aviv. In a statement on behalf of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel intends to cooperate with the administration of Donald trump and congressmen to “avoid the consequences of this absurd resolution.”

Israel recalls its ambassadors from the countries-sponsors of the resolution of the UN security Council. Also a Senegal will not get help from tel Aviv. 24 December, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu canceled an official visit to the country, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.