E-Dinar Coin: the court recognized the legal status of cryptocurrencies

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E-Dinar Coin: the court recognized the legal status of cryptocurrencies

OOO “Einarson” failed to prove that all transactions on the E-Dinar Coin can be equated to operations with conventional money, and thus, the cryptocurrency should be considered the same currency as the dollar, the ruble or the hryvnia.

The corresponding decision of Kharkiv appeal administrative court.

According to official data, in most major countries, the use of digital currencies is not prohibited. But public authorities did not encourage the purchase or sale of any goods and services for crypto-currency in stores, ready to take her payment, which is becoming more worldwide.

The legalization of E-Dinar Coin the company believes their victory and prepare for their next lawsuit. The company plans to challenge the established monopoly in the American Corporation Apple, which provides for the implementation of wallets only five cryptocurrency on the AppMarket. Given the illegality of the actions of the Corporation, a giant in establishing these restrictions, the company E-Dinar Coin ready to defend their rights on the implementation of crypto-currencies on the platform and apply all necessary measures to address this situation. This will help to ensure that every part of the E-Dinar Coin advanced use of decentralized cryptocurrencies with the help of modern technology — mobile applications.

Today, E-Dinar Coin continues to develop. The creators say that the popularity of EDC is enhanced by the fact that this currency was created by the people for the people is the optimal means of payment in many countries.

Despite the legality of cryptocurrency is the subject of increased interest by law enforcement, tax and legal authorities, which is aimed at getting more control over the coins, the imposition of strict oversight and taxation of the crypto currency that can replace Fiat money, which are issued by Central banks, regulators and volatility.

E-Dinar Coin operates on the system by the technology of the blockchain and uses the hashing algorithm on the basis of delegated proof-of-stake (the most reliable method of data distribution), and the volume of its emissions, unlike competitors, has such a scale that it will be sufficient to provide everyone a means for mutual transactions quickly, anonymously, in spite of any border and administrative constraints. In addition, E-Dinar Coin aimed at the development of the blockchain technology, the development of new universal projects for the preservation of the environment and improving the quality of life of every person on earth.

Modern money is no longer backed by real assets and may lose their purchasing power and cause the subsequent hyperinflation. Cryptocurrency is the only reliable way out of this unstable situation affecting the global financial system.

The court’s decision to legalize crypto-currencies E-Dinar Coin is available at: