Reconciliation of Ukraine and Poland need to depoliticize – viatrovych

The historic rapprochement of Ukraine and Poland should be possible to depoliticize, now his word to say, historians and the public.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Institute of national remembrance Vladimir viatrovych, reports, UKRINFORM.

“Historical reconciliation necessary to depoliticize. All that was necessary on the part of politicians in this area has already been made in the past. And each time to raise the issue of mutual forgiveness at the political level – only to generally discredit the idea of reconciliation,” he said.

Vyatrovich said that in 2003 he was made joint statements at the presidential level of both countries, also, there were relevant statements on the level of parliaments. In his opinion, the parties should understand that the only possible form of reconciliation is “forgive and ask for forgiveness, otherwise the results will not be”.

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We will remind that earlier it was mentioned that the future of Ukrainian-Polish relations is in question due to the interpretation in Ukraine the role of UPA in their own history.

This was stated by the leader of the ruling party of Poland “law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

“Still uncertain whether Ukraine position (in shaping the politics of history – approx.ed.) which in Poland is considered unacceptable; whether (Ukraine) to base their legitimization on the historical traditions of the UPA, that is the tradition of the organization which has committed crimes against the poles, or swerve from this path,” he said.