Surveillance cameras stores opened more than 50% of burglaries in the streets of Kiev


It would seem that wherever you look, everywhere you looks special equipment. At first it scared, alarmed, and then used. It is impossible to imagine the streets and shops without this equipment.

A similar system hang, to maintain order in public places. The owners of the various institutions in order to protect their property against illegal entry, and other acts of hooliganism. Indeed, the statistics show that 50% of street theft in the capital was revealed through the outdoor cameras.

These figures are impressive people, and they tend to be quick to install surveillance cameras at home. Contacting online store “Security system”, not only buy everything you need, but will also get the opportunity to order a professional installation, which is also very important.

The popularity of video is only growing and more and more people trying to install it. Of course, they have one main question, what equipment is most effective?

How to choose the right system for observation?

Going to the market, an inexperienced user gets lost in the range. He tries to explore the characteristics of the presented models and still have to sort out. Like they fit but will work effectively and will demonstrate whether the quality of the picture. To street vehicle perfectly cope with their direct duties and do not allow failure, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • black and white/color image;
  • resolution;
  • sensitivity;
  • the angle.
  • The option on the colour pictures asked in the first instance, the establishment of a monitoring system. At this stage it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of the device. If you just need to observe the order, that would be enough and classic variants.
  • When in certain situations it is necessary to clearly consider the details, including car color, clothes, other items that are colored at the time. There are models, where in low light have a mode that transmits a black-and-white picture.

  • Resolution – the characteristic which determines the range of the image. The higher it is, the easier it is to see even the smallest details. A human face or a car number clearly visible. Black and white are one performance, and color are completely different.
  • The sensitivity depends on which need a minimum level of lighting to enable the camera to be able to recognize the signal. If you pay attention to the sensitive black and white models, there are infrared light, providing work in the dark period of the day. When you choose options combined, the modes are automatically switched depending on how the light changes.
  • Special attention is given to the viewing angle. First, let’s say that the equipment is fixed and swivel. Fixed more clearly. Equipment installed at a particular point and does not change the angle of the image. Swivel model is more effective. If necessary, run it and follow the object of interest.
  • Confused about the models of cameras? For assistance, contact the online store “Security system”. Our specialists will select the necessary equipment and provide its installation. Take care of your security now.