In Bahmut, MP, which is involved in the blockade of the railway, struck the officer

Employee Bakhmut police Department has received a thorax bruise at the checkpoint in Bahmut, February 4, when a group of people tried to prevent the inspection of their car.

He was hospitalized, reports the press t he national police of the Donetsk region.

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Deputies of Volyn regional Council has maintained a trade blockade of the occupied part of Donbass

“It is established that on 4 February at the checkpoint stopped a car with 8 citizens in uniform, one of whom discovered the SKS carbine. Within kontrdiversionnoy measures conducted in the field by order of the headquarters of the ATO, vehicles are subject to the necessary checks to stop the traffic of illegal weapons and their diversion to peaceful region of Ukraine for the sake of life of citizens”, – noted in the message.

According to the police officer present at the place of one of the people’s deputies of Ukraine who take part in the blockade of the railway crossing in Bahmut, began to interfere and to interfere with the inspection. He instructed the driver to leave the checkpoint and hit the officer in the torso.

“During the conflict, the MP expressed obscene abuse, expressed threats of physical violence towards police officers who were performing their duties, and expressed the intention to disarm them, in the case of inspections of said vehicle at the other checkpoints”, – militiamen noted.

We will remind, in parallel with the “creeping offensive” began and the”rail war” against the militants. It has announced a group of former participants in the war in the East, and civil society activists. On 25 January they blocked the railway track Popasna-Lysychansk-Luhansk to terminate all economic relations with the occupied territory.