In London, the owner of the motorcycle with his bare hands of the kidnappers drove the vehicle with the nunchuck

In London the man managed to fend off the attackers, armed with Japanese weapons – nunchaku. Video of the moment appeared on the Network, reports the Daily Mirror.

The video shows how two criminals trying to steal from a 46-year resident of the motorcycle. One of them sits on the vehicle, and another man threatens the nunchuck, that he did not come. Then the owner of the motorcycle deftly managed to go to the counter and pick up the attacker Japanese weapons. Also to help the man came to his neighbor, and two unknown persons ran away.

Note, first, the nunchuck was in the hands of the owner of the motorcycle, but one of the attackers managed to take away his weapon.

The police said that to steal the vehicle, the criminals were prevented by the secure locking.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the owner of the car became an Internet star when he rammed the robbers ‘ car.