Kiev has snowed in: on the roads of the capital has already happened eleven accidents

The situation on the roads of Kiev on the morning of Monday, February 6, is rapidly deteriorating due to heavy snowfall.

Currently, the city recorded eleven accidents, some of them close to important transport interchanges in the area of metro station “Petrovka” and “Poznyaki.”

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Because of the ice and the play of water in the three areas has restricted the movement of cars

On the South and the Havana bridge the speed exceeds 5 km/h. Naberezhne highway does not move more than 40 km/h.

At the entrances to the city are also problems with traffic. From Zhitomir transport has actually stopped, and on Gostomel highway speed not exceeding 15 km/h. From Brovary to get in Kiev can not be faster than 30 km/hour.

Congestion in the capital is already 7 points as of 7:50.