Russian investigators found guilty in the attacks on the Russian Embassy in Kiev

Russian investigators accused in absentia of former MP and activists in the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev.

This was reported in the press service of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

“Regarding the events of 2014, the result in absentia accused under part 2 of article 360 of the criminal code (attack on institutions that enjoy international protection, for the purpose of provocation of war or complication of international relations), activist of the Association “Freedom” Vladimir Nazarenko, Vladimir Romantsova and former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Mykola Rudkovsky, who holds right-wing views. In addition, Nazarenko accused of committing a crime under article 329 of the criminal code (desecration of State flag of the Russian Federation)”, – stated in the message.

According to Russian investigators, on 14 June 2014, “the defendants, acting in a group with other persons, took part in the destruction of property of the Russian Embassy, including using improvised pelted the facade of the building.”

In addition, Svoboda Nazarenko was accused of direct involvement in the disruption from the flagpole of the Russian flag and abused him.

According to the Russian authorities, the Embassy was caused to more than 14 million rubles of damage.

In addition, Russia was accused of the attack on the Embassy in 2016, former centurion of the “women’s hundred” Maidan Irma Krat, and two former soldiers of the battalion “Aydar” Sergey Novikov and Alexander Heights.

“According to investigators, the Times, Novikov, Height and other activists of the Ukrainian right-wing structures “auto-Maidan”, “Euromaidan”, “Union of veterans of the ATO” had planned their illegal actions near the Russian Embassy, with the aim of complications of international relations between Russia and Ukraine. At 5 a.m. on March 10, 2016, the accused came to the Russian Embassy and threw in a four firebombs (the so-called “Molotov cocktails”). As a result, in the yard and on the Foundation of the building of the Russian diplomatic mission have any open fireplaces burning. Everything that happened, the citizens of Ukraine recorded on video and then posted the recording on the Internet”, – said the investigators.

We will remind, in Kiev in the night of Saturday, September 17, year, guys in masks pelted the building of the Russian Embassy fireworks and firecrackers. Thus they protested against Russia’s plans to hold elections to the state Duma in the occupied Crimea. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters chanted the phrase “Your election in Ukraine will not.” Besides, young people unfurled in front of the poster with an inscription “Russian pig, you are not welcome here! Today, the fireworks tomorrow will be a “Grad”!”. After the “light show” the protesters quickly disappeared. According to police, the Embassy building sustained minor damage.

On 18 September took place the so-called elections to the state Duma of the Russian Federation. The vote in Kiev has caused a new wave of protests.

Note that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has not recognized the elections in the state Duma of Russia. The same position has already voiced Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Even earlier, the relevant statements released by the European Union, PACE and foreign Minister of Sweden, Romania and the Czech Republic.