Sore jaw. The Italian model, which called “round oral sex” is tired after 400 men

27-year-old Italian model and actress Paola, Saulino, which announced a round of “oral sex”, complains that she is tired.

According to Paula, she has kept that promise in front of 400 men, reports The Sun. A woman complains that she has a “sore jaw”.

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However, it is still going to fulfill his promise even before one million men, although now because of the fatigue the woman took “time out”.

“My goal is to one million men. I’d like a million,” said Paola.

Earlier, Paula had released a list of cities that are included in its unusual tour “oral sex”. Woman back in November said that it would hold an unusual “tour” to all those who voted “against” on the referendum in Italy the constitutional reform. Then her goal was 19 million men.