Swedish skiers have recorded a rare natural phenomenon like a UFO

In Sweden, åre ski resort vacationers was quite puzzled when he saw the mysterious UFO in a cloud, The Local reports.

Some skiers really thought that the Martians had landed on the hillside resort of Duved. And have begun taking pictures and posting them online.

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The experts explained that it was a lenticular cloud, in other words, lenticular. These clouds formed above the mountain peaks when the air is rising, needs to overcome the slopes of the hills on the way. Condensing, the air turns into clouds, which are often accidentally taken at a UFO.

Here are some of the most striking photographs:


Weird weather, cool clouds. I think I may jump on that spaceship. #smhiväder #åreidag #linsmoln

Photos published Björkebaum Sara (@bbaumish)26 Jan 2017 6:55 PST


Oväntat besök i Åre idag?! // Unexpected visitors in Åre today?! #coolcloud #åre #åresweden : @annavarg1

Photos published Åre Sweden (@aresweden)26 January 2017 at 7:55 PST


Fantastiskt moln i Åre! Läs om hur dessa moln bildas på våran hemsida, länk i bio. Tomas Olinder, tack för bilden! / @tora.tomasdottir #åre #linsmoln #moln #jämtland #svtväder

Photos published SVT Väder (@svtvader)on Jan 26, 2017 at 8:46 PST


Amazing sunset and a spectacular clouds passning by this afternoon Åre Sweden #åreidag #åre #älskaåre #office of visitsweden #visitare #sky #tv4nyhetsmorgon #tv4vädret #skylovers #sunset_madness #sunset #cloud #worldcaptures #wonderfulworld #beautiful #naturalbeauty #thankyounature #ufo #Jämtland #linsmoln

Photos published mimmidahlstrom (@mimmidahlstrom)on Jan 26, 2017 8:27 PST

Earlier, the British astronomers have discovered exoplanet HAT-P-7 b, in which there are clouds of corundum, the mineral, the varieties of which are ruby and sapphire. Celestial body became the first of the gas giants outside the Solar system on which scientists detect strong winds that are likely to lead to catastrophic storms.