The diplomats are convinced that have informed the mayor of Przemysl on the abolition of the ban on entry to Ukraine

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland on 3 February was sent to the mayor of Przemysl letter about cancellation of the decision of the SBU onoboronu enter Ukraine mayor Robert Thomas.

This information later was confirmed by the mayor of the city, – informs UKRINFORM.

“We sent an electronic version of the letter on behalf of the Ambassador on Friday, February 3, and the original is shipped by priority mail”, – told the Agency Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine Vasily Zvarych.

Earlier, the mayor of Przemysl said that he had not received any official notification that he repealed the ban on entry to Ukraine.

But later, the city administration has confirmed the receipt of the letter.

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Poland commended the abolition by Ukraine of decisions on prohibition of entry to the mayor of Przemysl

Recall that in early December 2016 in Przemysl during the annual “March perelisky and lwów Eaglets” with the participation of many Polish Patriotic and nationalist organizations sounded the anti-Ukrainian slogans, including “Death to Ukrainians” and “Przemysl, Lvov – always Polish”. The event was a right-wing organization: Sapolsky youth and National-radical camp, an informal group of “Patriotic Przemysl” and the establishment of culture Subcarpathian Voivodeship Cultural center in przemyśl.

The “Eaglets” were called soldiers from the Polish side, the participants of the Polish-Ukrainian war in Galicia in 1920. Association of Ukrainians in Poland has called on Polish authorities to counter manifestations of hostility towards the Ukrainian minority of Poland and of Ukrainian citizens.

Earlier, the Polish TV channel “TVN24” revealed controversial anti-film Field Morari “Masks of the revolution.” The screening of the film channel “timed” to the second anniversary of the Maidan.

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland for this reason, issued a statement in which he said that “disappointed with the unfriendly gesture of the Polish TV channel “TVN24″” and was accused of disrespect for millions of Ukrainians.

On January 17 the Polish mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa said about the prohibition to visit Ukraine.