“The problems created for myself.” The head of the NBU said about the billions of debts of the former owner of two bankrupt banks

The total amount of debt of the former owner of failed banks VAB and “Financial initiative” Oleg Bakhmatyuk is more than 20 billion hryvnia.

This was stated by the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva in an interview “ЛІГА.net”.

“These financial institutions for almost two years withdrawn from the market: first, left the VAB and “Financial initiative”. During this time, the VAB has not paid virtually nothing. The national Bank – just a penny. The Deposit guarantee Fund (DGF) from Financial initiatives reached only a small part of the interest on loans,” she said.

According to Gontareva, the guarantee Fund has paid out to the depositors of VAB Bank at 6.64 billion UAH, and “Financial initiative” – UAH 3.7 billion.

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“Overall 10.4 billion UAH. But still almost 5 billion UAH lost depositors, whose deposits do not fall under the law on guaranteeing deposits (the sum over 200 thousand UAH – approx.ed.). 2.2 billion UAH in banks Bakhmatyuk lost customers, legal entities that the Fund had not yet paid, because for business the guarantee is not provided,” – said the head of the national Bank.

Also Gontareva said that the NBU refinancing debt Bakhmatyuk is 10.9 billion.

“How was this amount two years ago, so it has not got anywhere. Not paid a penny and suing us. At the same time the amount of 8.5 billion UAH we have his personal guarantee, personal guarantee. People in their right mind charged all its assets – not only Oklanderlig (agricultural holding of Bakhmatyuk – approx.ed.) but their home, car, for hours…” she said, denying the words of ex-owner of the banks that he was trying to restructure its debt, noting that the NBU has not received any formal proposals from him.

Separately Gontareva added that businesses Bakhmatyuk also not return loans to state-owned banks and foreign lenders.

“He had debts of 5.3 billion before banks. But we checked the numbers and saw that with interest and penalties, it increased to 6.2 billion UAH. These debts are mostly not maintained. The loans are not serviced, you pay only part of the interest on market terms. The so-called restructuring of his loans in state banks has cost about 3 billion of reserves. That is, the state must contribute capital in these banks, these 3 billion at the expense of our taxpayers,” – said the head of the regulator.

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At the same time she assured that global problems Bakhmatyuk made by myself, not bought, as he says, already troubled VAB Bank.

“When he bought the VAB in 2011, for the period from 2011 to 2013, the Deposit portfolio of the Bank increased by UAH 11.4 billion. All money received from the public, invested in related companies. The loan portfolio over this time increased by 13.4 billion. That is, he bought a small Bank that made it big, and money invested in their business,” concluded Gontareva.

Recall, November 20, 2014 the management Board of the NBU adopted a resolution on the attribution of PJSC “VAB Bank” insolvent, and on the 19th of March 2015 – about the revocation of the banking license and liquidate the Bank.

Later, the court ordered the Executive office to arrest all the property of the Bakhmatyuk, and then against the owner of the failed Bank opened criminal proceedings.