“Under Yushchenko, this was not”: in social networks laugh at the traffic jams in the covered with snow in Kiev

In the morning on Monday, February 6, residents of Kyiv and adjacent to the capital settlements were in the “snow trap”: the bad weather blocked roads and Preveli to dozens of accidents.

So, by data “Yandex.Tube”, snowfall led to a 10-point level of traffic. Meanwhile, passengers and drivers complain about the uncleared roads and slow traffic of the crowded transport.

For example, a spokesman for the InformNapalm Michael Makaruk wrote on his page in Facebook.

The Network users complain of snow littered the sidewalks.

Journalist Victor Ukolov jokingly advises everyone to stay home until 11 am.

Political analyst Kirill Sazonov also decided to sneer and blame the government.

To drive to work on your own car, write in social networks, not so easy.

Press Secretary the press service of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan showed a photo from Darnytsa bridge.

PR Elena Bogush made a joke about incorrectly chosen means of transportation.

Some netizens complain about those who choose a car to travel to work in bad weather.

Always wondered what is wrong with people who are in such heavy snow, with 10-point jams it’s still going to work on cars? #Kyiv #snow pic.twitter.com/gecD6QCMCS

— Taras (@apachx) 6 Feb 2017

Volunteer and community activist Elena Olejnik has complained and slippery road under the snow.

Fell asleep and Irpen.

User Victor Boyko has collected witty comments of the people of Kiev about the snowfall. Among them: “I Left everything except utilities”, “Utilities are so much better that the road that was closed the whole passage, here we stand, blink, Who had seen Klitschko?” and “Putin, stop it!”