Why the war in the Donbass broke out with renewed vigor. Three main causes of exacerbation

Official statements regarding the reason why at the beginning of February , the militants fired at the plant record for the first eight months the number of shells, no. Therefore, politicians, diplomats, experts all week called the most probable version of the escalation in the Donbas. Honestly, a lot of them. But all fit into three main.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

And the first possible cause is the so – called “creeping offensive” of the Ukrainian army. It permanent a tactical victory of Ukrainian soldiers on the demarcation line put out as a puppet for the leaders and the Kremlin. Formally, all the territory of the Ukrainian army is in accordance with the Minsk maps delineating. But in fact, they have long been occupied by the invaders.

The second reason, which was discussed in the media – the attack of militants. It could provoke and their internal causes. In particular, the reduction of financing of terrorists from Russia. And the recent blockade of the Donetsk railway Ukrainian veterans of the ATO. Among the versions as well – the Kremlin’s pressure on Rinat Akhmetov, due to his reluctance to take the conditions of Moscow on the distribution of control over the “Opposition bloc”. And the plant is important for the steel business Akhmetov coke.

Another version, which has the right to exist. Kiev and Moscow are trying to use the time of political uncertainty in their favor. On the one hand Putin is trump’s reaction to the war in Ukraine. The world does not know the position of the new President of the United States against the Donbass and the Kremlin hopes to be able to prove that Ukraine violates the Minsk agreement and wants to solve the issue of war. On the other hand, the escalation in the East may be useful for the Bank. How to consolidate companies within the country and reminding the world that switched to their business and increasingly are thinking about lifting sanctions against Russia.

Anyway, the war continues. The war, which all began to forget a little. And as shown Avdeevka, she could return at any moment.