In the Dnieper from the front evacuated the young military on the verge of life and death

The Dnieper was airlifted unconscious soldier from the Lugansk. 24-year-old Bogdan got a complicated mine-explosive destruction of the head near Popasnaya, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Unfeeling the military in a critical condition straight from the airport, was taken to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital Mechnikov. Neurosurgeons immediately began to prepare for the operation, because this wound of the brain weight in gold every minute.

Only last week in the hospital Mechnikov brought 20 wounded, four of them civilians. Doctors say that now all have a positive trend, but for the life of the young Bogdan doctors still fighting. “A very severe wound, which usually leaves few chances. I hope that after surgery he will be better and we save him”, – said the chief doctor Sergei Ryzhenko.