On the outskirts of Kiev, the river of sewage causes an epidemic of hepatitis among citizens

On the outskirts of Kiev came a river of sewage. Due to the faulty smelly sewage water flowing down the street and flows down into the woods, says TSN.16:45.

For several years, there is formed a swamp. Even frogs suffocated. In the area of persistent hepatitis outbreaks through low-quality drinking water. The sewer was paved 15 years ago, but in operation is not entered. Therefore, the draw tube is a poison local residents who are desperate.

Local activist Anatoly S. conducts a tour on the private sector of the neighborhood near the wagon repair plant. The main thing – not to enter, because then not otmoeshsya.

“When people use water, here is a fountain twenty centimeters,” says the activist.

Close to Sewerage, which is constantly clogged and flows along the street. Stink even in the winter it feels very good.

“I have a small child – I can not open it, I just stink, and in summer impossible to walk, tickle in the throat” – says a local resident.

Effluents contaminate the ground water and summer infectious Department replenished patients, by several people per week received hepatitis A.