The blockade of Railways: Cabinet scares off the light, and in the Parliament I urge you to not trade with enemy

Since the end of March in Ukraine may begin rolling blackouts, it is declared by the Minister of energy Igor Nasalik. The light schedule is possible because of the continued complete obstruction of the supply of thermal coal from ATO zone, says TSN.16:45.

“If fully blocked, the area of the ATO, I can confirm – we get to the outages. For a certain period of adaptation, but temporarily going back to rolling blackouts”, – said the Minister.

Meanwhile, the head of the police of the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin said in a press conference that the road is no longer blocked.

“Currently, the way unlocked, and as far as I know, the trains run. Information from the management of the Donetsk railroad on lock in this place there. There are five people who are resting in the tent,” – said Abroskin.

And in fact the activists blocking a highway near the town chasov Yar, where the day before there was a skirmish between police and blockers, criminal proceedings were opened. However, the blockade claim that the blockade is continuing and none will be held.