The man from the window of an airplane filmed a stunning video of the Northern lights

Passenger plane flying over Canada, captured on video awesome geomagnetic storm.

“Best in-flight entertainment I’ve ever received”, – joked the man.

The video shows how the light changes its color and moves. The video has already garnered over half a million views and hundreds of comments. Users are arguing, what is this natural phenomenon, but most of them are inclined to think that it was the Northern lights.

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NASA showed a fascinating video of how the Aurora looks like from space

The Aurora is formed when charged particles from the Sun slam into the upper atmosphere of the Earth by exciting the neutral particles and causing them to glow. This happens in the high latitudes of the planet, such as the Arctic and Antarctic. Different colors of the Northern lights represent the various molecules that glow. According to NASA, oxygen molecules emit green light, while nitrogen can emit blue light.