“Tired, no longer maintained”. In the Ternopil region hanged ATO

Yesterday, February 5, in the Ternopil region hanged ATO.

It is reported by police region.

“Tired, no longer maintained. Leave you card number, to be able to bury it” – these the last words he said on the phone to his sibling.

After this conversation he stopped responding to calls, and in 18:37 the police Department received a report that on the outskirts of the village of Posukhiv, on-site treatment facilities, hanged man.

The victim in 2015, was drafted into the armed forces on mobilization, after his return settled in the local military unit. Several times was in a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation.

The parts manual describes it as a positive person who has always fulfilled its tasks.

The victim was preparing for another trip to the area ATO.

Now the causes of the suicide are found out by militiamen.

We will remind, in the Zhytomyr military Institute of military mysteriously died. Man no signs of life found the head of the repair workshop of the Institute. On the scene left the leadership of the military Prosecutor’s office of Zhitomir garrison and investigative team of the Main Directorate Nacpac in the Zhytomyr region. During the examination of the body of the deceased signs of violent death were found.