“Fish”, “pigs” and “agronomists”: as a proofreader from under Avdeevka encrypted information to militants

In the Donetsk region detained 50-the summer inhabitant of village Orlovka near Avdeevka – spotter-firethat worked for the militants. Dmitry the Float is well known in the security service because he was already detained before last winter, and in the camp of the terrorists was even awarded a medal, says the story TSN.19:30.

The criminal liability of a man freed by the court of first instance, pending consideration of the appeal, he returned home and, as evidenced, began to engage in farming. Float convinces him to confess nothing, because he has already received his and repented. And supports his wife, saying that his phone had a husband, no, because selected uses it, and in Donetsk, they say, she called herself – talking with a friend about life.