Frostbitten feet and shot “dumanski”: the recognition of the fighters of the capture positions “DNR” under the Avdeevka

Suffering Avdeevka recovering from the consequences of front-line escalation last week: the city finally restored the centralized electricity and water supply, and industrial area in the moment of silence opened the door for journalists. In the morning the territory fired mortars 120 caliber, and the day was heard shooting from automatic weapons and machine guns, according to a story TSN.19:30.

However, novosennaya position from which the conflict started, the press was prevented, citing security concerns. But to communicate with the media is one of the participants of fierce fighting – the fighter with a will pozvonim “Sanych”. According to him, it all started with the fact that subversive separatist group comprised of 30 people stormed the Ukrainian military, they went to the counter and took a new position. The militants took them into the environment, so began a dense melee. “Three hours of terror. To be honest, I did not expect that we will be able to go out so many people, but came in time to help. We have run out of ammo: 20 persons 2 shop”, – told the military. During the day the enemy has to shoot at the lost position about fifteen hundred artillery shells and 4 magazines “Grad”. To hide from attacks especially there was no place – a small trench and dugout for 20 people without heat and light. “In the 25-degree cold. The guys limbs podmorazhivanie myself,” added the soldier.

25-year-old Bogdan said that Ukrainians have endured several storms in a day. Fighters perfectly knew his position, so the shot precisely. “They beat us with strelkotni, and we need to shoot back because they fit, and we can’t raise their heads. He shot back: machine over his head – so, in dumanski,” admitted the fighter. However, according to APU fighters, the position is worth it, because it almost ideal for observing the enemy – all beyond the control of the territory at hand. By keeping such a place the whole defense of the Town will be more effective and safer.

The army say that to the forefront still fly the heavy ordnance and the Russian “Grad”, but very often the missiles don’t work. The soldiers explain this by the fact that Russia “withdraws” Donbass old ammunition to unload the warehouses. “Tanks in, at night. In Yasinovataya unload and move in the direction the Sand and Yasinovataya in the direction Verhnetoretskogo,” – said the soldier of Ukraine Ruslan Sulimenko.

The correspondent TSN Alla Gazanevskaya