Groisman announced a radical change of the pension system in 2017

In 2017 Ukraine will conduct a radical pension reform.

On this day, 8 February, during a government meeting said the Prime Minister-the Minister Vladimir Groysman.

“I believe that in 2017 we have every reason to say that will change the pension system, and it will be fair, and retirees will feel the increase in pension payments. We are ready to offer Ukrainian society such decisions. All the time,” said the head of government.

Currently, the Cabinet is preparing a package of documents for reform. Groysman said that the changes must be fundamental to, say, retirees have felt the level of concern of the authorities. What will change, he told me.

Recall that the pension reform in Ukraine is long overdue, because every year the Pension Fund has a significant deficit of funds, which are additional to pour from the state budget. In the Pension Fund budget in 2017, a grant from the state budget exceeds 140 billion. That reduction in the budget deficit of the Pension Fund, the government calls a key objective of pension reform.

The changes also insists the main creditor of Ukraine international monetary Fund. The IMF offer to increase the retirement age. In the government this idea publicly reject and assure that you will find other ways to fill the budget of the Pension Fund.