In Kiev breeders of purebred dogs throw “defective” puppies on the street – the animal rights activist

The confrontation between the hunters and defenders of the dogs in Kiev continues.

At the end of 2016, it was reported that the Left Bank is preparing the mass poisoning of stray animals on the eve of the Eurovision, and after a few weeks in the home of the famous hunter’s dogs heard a grenade explosion.

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And end this “war” will not be while in the streets wander thousands of homeless animals, some of which are indeed attacking passers-by and are dangerous.

Despite the work of veterinarians and volunteers to sterilize dogs, the homeless population continues to grow. And source is, in particular, unscrupulous breeders of purebred dogs say animal rights activists.

“Now in Kiev bred animals shamelessly. It’s the people who are in business to sell them, do not pay taxes who throw the “defective” animals. For example, if the dog is not six teeth in a row, or malocclusion, or the size – it simply disposed of or dumped on the street,” said volunteer Julia Petrenko.